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Tray Sharing System

               The establishment of pallet sharing system, the realization of the tray in the whole society's recycling, on the one hand can reduce the entire social tray usage, especially wood pallets to reduce the use of forest resources is of great significance. On the other hand, the consistency of pallet operation can improve the mechanization level of the whole cargo transportation, reduce the damage caused by man-made loading and unloading, and improve the efficiency of logistics. Many developed countries of the pallet sharing system has been established for decades, and China's current pallet market confusion, pallet sharing system is not established.Tray

               In this paper, the tray common system is introduced briefly, this paper analyzes three kinds of operation modes of pallet common system: Exchange Mode, leasing mode and rent and Exchange Mode, these three models have their own characteristics, our country can choose one or several of them to carry out the common business of pallets according to their actual situation. The application of RFID technology on pallets can realize the automatic management of pallet in the process of access and storehouse and circulation, and improve the operation efficiency of the tray sharing system. Secondly, in view of the problem of pallet recycling is the key to the establishment of pallet sharing system, this paper mainly analyzes the problem of pallet recycling from the perspective of reverse logistics, and points out that the path problem of pallet recycling is one of the research contents of pallet recycling.Tray

               In this paper, the path optimization model of pallet recycling is established, according to the characteristics of the problem, the genetic algorithm is used to solve the model, and it is realized by MATLAB. By using the model and method, the path planning of an example is given, and the results are analyzed from several aspects. Finally, this paper puts forward some suggestions on how to set up the pallet sharing system in China from the aspects of Project research, industry guidance and government support. With the combination of qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, this paper, combined with the current situation of pallet market and related contents of tray sharing system, focuses on the problem of pallet recycling, which provides reference for pallet recycling business and the establishment of pallet sharing system in our country.Tray