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Tray Production Development Background

      Pallet management is a new management method introduced in China in the 1980s with the design of shipbuilding production from abroad. As early as the 1970s, the shipbuilding enterprises in Japan have realized the pallet management in the design and management of outfitting operations. Tray

     In Japan, pallet management is the core of production management, together with shipbuilding production design, reasonable production system and job structure and perfect planning work, constitute the enterprise internal production management strong four pillars, so that the Japanese shipbuilding production to high-speed and efficient development.Tray

     The pallet management is produced with the development of the method of the manufacture and installation of the outfitting parts of the ship. As one of the management methods of modern shipbuilding mode, pallet management is produced with the development of the manufacture and installation method of the outfitting parts. In the process of ship production, pallet is both a unit of operation and a unit for installation of 0, parts and accessories.Tray

    There are a large number of outfitting parts to be made and installed during ship construction. In order to facilitate the construction and management, they are divided into smaller units according to the operation stage and the work place. Each pallet is a small project, which is completed at the same stage and in the same place, and specifies the commencement and completion dates for each pallet project. The whole project, the progress of the project and the supply of materials and equipment can also be implemented.Tray

    Because the delivery date on the pallet management table was formulated in the schedule planning phase, the set distribution center should make corresponding changes to the pallet delivery date according to the status quo, and make the pallet set plan to fit the current state. According to the Pallet management table and the small schedule plan, the center sets up the next month's pallet collection plan and consults with the planning office to obtain the overall coordination and balance of the monthly production plan.Tray