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The Practical Type Of The Shoe Rack And The Specific Size

The main purpose of the shoe is to display the idle shoes, at any time social progress and the improvement of human living standards, from the early wooden shoe into a variety of styles and materials now shoe cabinet. The main purpose of the shoe is to display idle shoes, at any time social progress and improve the level of human life, from the early wooden shoe, shoe rack evolved into a variety of styles and materials of the shoe cabinet.Shoe Rack

Modern shoe types include: solid wood shoe cabinet, the entrance of the shoe, electronic shoe, disinfection shoe, shoe rack, etc., different styles, with different functions. In general, the size of the shoe is: the overall height of 800mm, the lower 500mm, the upper 300mm. Lower the higher point, to leave a little gap, do not bend over can change slippers.Shoe Rack

General shoe size does not have a fixed standard size, conventional shoe size height of not more than 1000mm, the width is based on the use of the width of the space reasonable division; depth is the maximum size of the shoes of the length of the shoes, usually in the size of 300 The 380 furniture online store 400mm depth, can also be linked to the shoe box can also be put. In addition, you can set the floor spacing to put ordinary slippers, as long as the 200mm or so can, if you want to place other things in the shoe, such as vacuum cleaners, flies, etc., the depth must be more than 400mm to use.Shoe Rack

Traditional shoe cabinet to the plate as the main raw material, referred to as plywood, in the traditional wooden shoe to join the electronic core devices, with the same sterilization, the use of O3 deodorant, the use of lower material life. Can produce a healthy killer formaldehyde, wooden shoe is a variety of sheet metal, wood processed after the product, in its processing will inevitably use the adhesive, paint and other materials, and these materials contain a lot of formaldehyde The Shoe Rack