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The Origin Of Chopsticks And The Use Of Etiquette

     Chopsticks, one of the world's commonly used cutlery, one of the signs of Chinese food culture, invented in China, after the spread to the Korean Peninsula, Japan, Vietnam and other Chinese culture circle. Chinese people used to use chopsticks, while Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia and India subcontinent and other areas of people with their fingers to crawl.

    China is currently found in the earliest chopsticks in Anyang City, Henan Province, Yin Ruins unearthed copper chopsticks. "Han Yuzi Yu old" words: "Former Zhou as a chopstick, and Jizi terror. King Zhou for the late Shang Dynasty monarch, we can see more than 3,000 years ago, China has appeared ivory chopsticks.

    China has long used tableware, with a history of spoon about 8,000 years, with a fork history of about 4000 years, with chopsticks time limit is uncertain, but at least 3,000 years of history, fork until the war country is still in use , Henan Luoyang Warring States tombs unearthed tied into a bundle of 51 fork. After the Warring States, the fork can be eliminated, and records and appear less physical. Spoon and chopsticks in the pre-Qin division of labor is clear, spoon used to eat, chopsticks used to eat soup inside the dish.Chopsticks

    After the food is picked up, the dish should not be put back. Can not use chopsticks facing people or eating chopsticks when the fingers. Can not put chopsticks into a bowl of rice or rice. This is the ancestral offering of the placement method, there are ominous signs, see foot tails. Do not compete with other people's chopsticks. At the time of the banquet, should not advance in the master moving chopsticks (spoon no matter). In some countries, the guests (or the oldest) will start eating.Chopsticks

    In the course of eating, has been raised chopsticks, but do not know what to eat dishes, then you can not chopsticks in the dish to move back and forth or in the air cruising, in the dishes on the back and forth but not vegetables.

When talking during the time, do not put the chopsticks as props, free flurry; or chopsticks with a chopstick table, with chopsticks pointing to others. Every time you use the chopsticks to gently put down, try not to sound.Chopsticks