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The Magical Effect Of TheTray

Tray transport is the goods according to certain requirements, a reasonable assembly in a standard tray, as a transport unit, is conducive to mechanized loading and unloading and storage of a means of transport. Tray transport suitable for packaging complex, not easy to manual loading and unloading, and is not easy to mechanize the operation or easy handling of damaged goods. Each pallet placed on the goods must be tied firmly, so that the goods and the tray into one, to ensure the safety of the goods is not easy to leak.Tray

Flat tray: flat tray mainly wooden, there are steel, plastic, composite materials, such as the production of flat, it is the most widely used. Generally divided into single-sided use, double-sided use, two into the fork, four into the fork four. Column Tray: It is a tray with four columns mounted on a flat tray. The purpose of the installation of the column is to protect the lowest cargo from damage when there is no shelf stacking. Columns are generally removable, the height of 1.2 meters, often using steel materials, can load 3 tons of goods.Tray Box-type tray: it is in the flat tray to install the upper structure (flat, mesh structure, etc.), made of box-type equipment. Box-type tray is generally divided into removable, fixed and folding three. This tray has the advantages of making the package simple and can form irregular cargo containers, to facilitate transportation, to prevent collapse and so on. Mainly suitable for loading vegetables, fruits, potato and other agricultural products. Wheeled Tray: It is a tray with four small wheels mounted under a flat tray. Mainly applicable to the package, mail handling operations.Tray

A pallet is a loading and unloading plate consisting of a load surface and a forklift receptacle which can carry a number of articles for ease of handling, transportation, storage and dispensing of goods. It is the logistics industry in the most obscure, but ubiquitous a logistics equipment, static goods into dynamic goods is the main means. Although only one meter square size, but "can move the whole earth", so called "the ground", "mobile platform."Tray

The development of the tray can be said to synchronize with the forklift. Forklift and the common use of the tray, forming an effective loading and unloading system, so that a substantial increase in handling efficiency. From the statistics, the current tray is basically used with the forklift. On average, each forklift is equipped with 800 to 1,000 trays.Tray