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The Development History Of Chopsticks In China

     Our country is the birthplace of chopsticks, with a long history of eating chopsticks. The ancient book "Han Fei Zi ยท Shang" contained: "The Zhou for Elephant and ji son." "Sima Qian in the historian, Zong family" also cloud "Zhou as the elephant, Ji son sigh yue:" He is like chopsticks, will be the Jade Cup, the Jade Cup, it will think far away Jane strange thing and Royal. The Palace of the horse from this beginning, not vibration also. Although this is a statement of the courtiers ' fear of the extravagance of Zhou's life, it provides the most valuable textual data for the birth and development of our roots in the court events caused by the ivory chopsticks. Zhou for the end of the Shang Dynasty to the monarch, to this reckoning, our country before and after 1144 BC, that is, more than 3,100 years ago, China has appeared refined ivory chopsticks.Chopsticks
    The use of chopsticks in our country record has been written, and lack of physical evidence, in the Chinese Kitchen Culture museum collection of an ancient Han found in the relief of chopsticks, to make up for the gap in physical support of chopsticks, is known as the only kind of corroboration, its exquisite degree can be comparable with the modern chopsticks, called the contemporary national treasure, has a very high historical research value, through the relief of this chopstick not only can prove in the Han Dynasty people have been using chopsticks, It also reflects the rich living conditions and diverse lifestyles of people at that time.Chopsticks
    In China, chopsticks in addition to eating, in the civil marriage, funeral, festive and other customs are widely used. The shape of Chinese chopsticks is similar to the cuboid or cylindrical body, or the head round the end of the square (coincident with "Heaven Round Place"), only in the head and tail slightly thin, pointed chopsticks are also popular. Because the growth of bamboo is relatively fast and widespread, the use of chopsticks is very high, but also useful for traditional mahogany and ivory and other valuable materials made of chopsticks. The popular use of chopsticks by the Chinese soon after the introduction of other nationalities, such as Hermon, Tibet, Mongolia, back, full, Zhuang, Miao and so on, although all have their own eating habits, but also commonly used chopsticks, and customs and religious ceremonies often inseparable. But China also has a lot of traditional dietary habits of ethnic minorities known as "hand pilaf", such as Uygur, Kazak, Li and so on.Chopsticks