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Introduction Of Different Material Chopsticks

The identification of mahogany chopsticks material is a kind of scientific consciousness. Although the mahogany varieties are not much, mahogany chopsticks with the variety of materials is also a few can be used, mahogany chopsticks production materials are mainly ebony, rosewood, ebony, chicken wings, rosewood, sour wood, in these materials Chopsticks

Rosewood and chicken wing wood features more obvious, identification is also easier, but rosewood, sour wood, after finishing the finished product to the correct distinction is not so easy. Know the nature of each mahogany material, can correctly identify a variety of materials is to identify the basis and premise of mahogany chopsticks.Chopsticks

The difference between the yellow rosewood and rosewood, the former grain clear, woody, hard texture, elegant color, yellowish brown or pale brown, reddish brown in Hainan, and beautiful ripple-like markings; Thick lines, texture was a straight line, and most are not very clear, wood is not the former hard. Thai-made pear is brown, wood is more delicate, color worse, and Myanmar, Vietnam produced pear thick, color difference; Thailand-made rosewood texture clear, Burmese rosewood texture mostly black, wide.Chopsticks

Suanzhi wood to India to produce the best, with the color points of red wood, mangrove wood and white wood of the other. Red sticky wood color similar to purple sandalwood, hard material, fine, usually called "old mahogany", both refers to the red wood. Recently, some people with lime sticks purple rosewood, because both wood are very fine, paint color is often difficult to distinguish. Redwood chopsticks distinguish between these two kinds of wood this method, mainly from the texture and color to distinguish. Rosewood has tempered eyes, but less, basically arranged in a straight line. Rosewood long black, but the initial is not dark black, but brown and dark red.Chopsticks