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How To Maintain Chopsticks

              We will look at how to maintain chopsticks, as far as possible to extend the life of chopsticks. First of all, the family try not to mix chopsticks. Because of mixing, it is easy to cause some diseases to cross the infection. Studies have shown that nearly half of people have Helicobacter pylori that causes stomach problems, most of which are spread through families, and chopsticks are one of the most important media. Therefore, the home chopsticks best to do special purpose.Chopsticks

             Second, clean chopsticks thoroughly. Many Chinese families wash chopsticks are very "forthright", the whole of the chopsticks in the faucet under the rub, and then to the chopsticks in the tube inserted even if washed. No one knows, such chopsticks are easy to breed bacteria, and with food into the human body, endangering human health. The correct washing method should be: Carefully rub the chopsticks with the detergent, drain the water, then put into the chopsticks tube. In addition, chopsticks should choose Hollow, the bottom does not water, and do regular cleaning, disinfection.Chopsticks

             Again, the chopsticks should be replaced diligently. In many families, the use of a pair of chopsticks for two or three years is often the case. But chopsticks once used for a long time, the surface is no longer smooth, and often rub also easy to make chopsticks coarse, there are many small grooves, very easy to remain bacteria. Therefore, it is best to change the chopsticks every six months. Finally, part of the chopstick maintenance is due to the chopsticks cage, chopsticks cage should also be cleaned frequently oh.Chopsticks

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