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How To Choose Chopsticks

In the market, the variety of chopsticks, how do we choose to find the right chopsticks? So next, we'll teach you how to pick chopsticks.

1, paint the color of the chopsticks do not use, because the paint in the heavy metal lead and organic solvents benzene and other substances have carcinogenic, and, with the use of wear, chopsticks on the paint once off, with food into the human body, will seriously endanger human health. In particular, some families like to give children the use of bright color paint chopsticks, children on lead, benzene and other tolerance is very low, be sure to avoid use;

2, second, plastic chopsticks texture is crisp, after heating, it is easy to deform, melt, produce harmful substances to the human body; Bone chopsticks are good in texture, but easy to change color, and the price is more expensive; silver, stainless steel and other metal chopsticks too heavy, feel bad, and thermal conductivity strong, eating overheated food, easy to scald mouth;

3, we recommend the use of natural materials chopsticks, chopsticks is the first choice, it is non-toxic harmless, and very environmentally friendly, but also can choose the nature of wood chopsticks. However, because of material reasons, chopsticks, wood chopsticks are not easy to clean, will be pathogenic microorganism pollution, so should pay attention to regular disinfection, keep clean.