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How To Choose A Home Shoe Rack

         1, according to the number of shoes to choose the size of the shoe rack, the size of a lot of shoes, shoes a lot of friends can choose a larger shoe racks, fewer shoes friends can choose a smaller size of the shoe rack.

         2, according to the location of different materials to choose the shoe racks, because the plastic shoe racks and wooden shoes can not be placed in direct sunlight to the place, easy aging and chapped. Therefore, if the shoe rack is placed in the balcony and other outdoor areas, it is recommended to choose metal shoe racks, longer service life. If housed indoors, you can choose plastic shoe racks or wooden shoe racks.

          3, style consistency, the style of selection of shoes to be consistent with the overall style of home, generally speaking, wooden shoe racks more emphasis on natural and simple pastoral style, metal shoe racks and plastic shoe racks more emphasis on modern style.Shoe Rack

          4, color consistency; the color of the shoe frame should be compatible with the whole color of the home, the color of the wooden frame is generally light, the color of the metal shoe frame is darker, and the color of the plastic shoe frame has many choices.

          5, the shoe rack whether has the compartment, many manufacturers in order to reduce the cost, in the shoe rack's production went off the compartment. The compartment of the shoe racks can prevent the soles of the Earth from falling into the shoes below the upper layer of pollution.Shoe Rack

           6, whether the shoe racks are closed, closed shoes can not only isolate foreign bodies of shoes, but also beautiful and generous.

           7, the shoe rack from the ground height, the regular factory produces the shoe frame in the shoe rack angle to do specially handles, too short the speech easy ground, easy dirty.Shoe Rack