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How To Choose A High Quality Storage Rack?

            Storage Rack is a main washing supplies, bath towel and other storage racks, with convenient, recycling, fashion and so on. Suitable for placement in toilets and bathrooms, it is a popular home storage rack. Commercial storage racks are used to place small objects, parts, materials and so on.

            The storage frame is lightweight, easy to install, easy to use, can be put in the office, warehouse and other places to use, for the collation of goods have a very good effect, and do not occupy space, reasonable design, in line with the three-dimensional structure.

Heavy-duty cross-beam shelves Usually, we put the goods on pallets, by mechanical access, storage efficiency and transport efficiency are greatly increased. The use of shelves to store goods, you can better use of space, multi-layer goods share a projection area, by forklifts or stacker to access the vehicle. The forklift needs to work the channel, this will occupy a certain proportion of space. Reduce the forklift channel, it becomes a common practice to improve space utilization!

            Enter the type of shelves with few varieties and a single variety of large quantities of goods, you can choose to enter the shelves. The drive-in shelves allow the forklift to enter the aisle to access the goods, thus reducing the forklift channel. However, each shelf, no matter how many layers, can only be a variety, and forklift in the narrow channel operation, operating efficiency is not high.

Post-push racking rack after the use of the shelves on the trolley to increase the depth of the operation, the average number of vehicles per floor is less than 4, the cost is relatively low, when the number of single varieties is not too long, is a good solution. The shuttle-type rack has a newer scheme, which is the shuttle-type rack. Use a remote-controlled shuttle vehicle to access the goods in the channel.Storage Rack

           Shuttle vehicle in the roadway moving goods, the length of the channel is not restricted in principle, the application of a special quantity of goods, advanced first out of the advanced can be, the number of trolley flexible configuration, the overall cost is reasonable. The shuttle car itself is controlled by the computer, can be controlled manually, can also through the computer network control, the degree of automation is greatly improved.Storage Rack

           Automated Stereo Library more use of Unit projection area, can do ultra-high shelves. As the stacking machine can reach the working height that the forklift can't reach, the automatic stereoscopic warehouse achieves better utilization in the height direction of the space. With the instruction of computer system, the operation efficiency is high, the error rate is less and manpower is saved, which is the common solution technology of modern logistics center. Shuttle-type Stereo library solutions automated Stereo warehouse and shuttle vehicle technology, it becomes a shuttle-style library. The shuttle vehicle and the automatic stacking machine work together, the shuttle vehicle accesses the goods in the channel, and completes the access task by the stacker. This solution greatly increases the number of shelves that can be controlled by a single stacker, thus achieving higher storage and lower system costs. The shuttle's shelves have become more flexible, and the solutions are versatile. For example, the shuttle shelves used in multilayer library, only need to build forklift channel, forklift in each layer of work, such a program in the construction investment and equipment investment has great savings. In a word, there are many kinds of storage systems solutions. The improvement of warehouse utilization is the choice of equipment suitable for its own storage mode.Storage Rack