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How The Tray Code Works

From the warehouse when the goods sent by the conveyor, and then to the tray on the goods need to spend a lot of labor. Especially in the automatic warehouse in the high-speed operation of the conveyor, relying on artificial code goods can not cope with. Now, the pallet has been widely used in the freight yard of the pallet and pallet unloading machines.Tray

 The pallet vending machine is a machine that can automatically change the direction of the code on the pallet at the same time, and the pallet unloader is a machine that can automatically remove the goods on the pallet one by one and put it on the conveyor.

Palletty vending machine has high-style pallet vending machine, low-end tray vending machine, cylindrical coordinate manipulator pallet vending machine, Cartesian coordinate type manipulator pallet vending machine and other forms.Tray 

The main component includes a pallet feeding conveyor, a pallet stack, a shaping device, a stacking device, an article feeding device, a whole conveyor, a direction changing device, a shifting device, a lifting device and a code unit unit conveyor Wait.

The goods and goods items are entered into the pallet vending machine through the supply device, and the items are sorted in the prescribed direction by the direction changing means, and the items are integrated by the number of conveyors in the order to be loaded into the tray. At the same time, The empty tray enters the loading position through the shaping device; the transfer device pushes the integrated article over the empty tray and is tiled up on the pallet by the stacking device to become a code unit.Tray

Directional conversion device according to the accumulation of items required to automatically change the direction of the items, to facilitate the smooth operation of the entire conveyor. The whole conveyor is integrated with the specified number of columns, provided to the transfer device, easy to transfer device to work smoothly.Tray