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How Long Does It Take To Replace Chopsticks?

     Do you use chopsticks long enough to cause cancer? That sounds creepy! According to reports, ordinary chopsticks after 3-6 months of use, the color will become darker or lighter with the frequency of use, and the long-term accumulation of bacteria is the main factor of color change. Extended use of chopsticks is very easy to breed bacteria, long-term chopsticks placed in the cupboard, it is possible to make the chance to improve the odds of chopsticks more than five times times, and serious moldy chopsticks will breed "aflatoxin", the substance has been widely identified can induce liver cancer.Chopsticks

     reported that the use of excessive water content of chopsticks is particularly high, it is easy to become a hotbed of bacteria breeding, such as yellow grape bacteria, E. coli and so on, and long-term chopsticks placed in the cupboard, it is possible to make the chance of spoiling the chopsticks more than five times times higher. Serious moldy chopsticks will breed "aflatoxin", the substance has been widely recognized to induce liver cancer, and in humid, sunless environment, flavus very easy to grow. "If real chopsticks use three months to cause cancer, it is estimated that all the people in the country are shot." "This news, immediately aroused netizen hot discussion." Some netizens said: "Hurry to wholesale chopsticks home, with 1 months to change!" ā€¯Chopsticks

     Chopsticks for a long time, the color of their own will become more or less with the frequency of the use of the new chopsticks. The change of the color of chopsticks indicates that the nature of the material has changed, which is the result of long-term accumulation of bacteria. When using chopsticks, people should observe whether the surface of chopsticks is attached to spots, especially mildew spots. If the chopsticks are not bamboo or wood color spots, indicating that the chopsticks are likely to have moldy deterioration, can not continue to use. International Food Packaging Association Secretary-General Dong Jin said, had done chopsticks in the comparative test, under the same conditions, the longer the use of chopsticks, its cross-section detection of more bacteria; and six months of replacement is a more "suitable" Time node.Chopsticks

    Earlier, the state has issued a one-time chopsticks and wooden chopsticks mandatory standards, the disposable chopsticks product type, inspection rules, packaging, marking, storage and transportation, etc., but until today, the family commonly used to re-use chopsticks still do not have unified national standards. Family use chopsticks best choose chopsticks or coated with a layer of lacquer wood chopsticks.Chopsticks

    Experts suggest that the use of chopsticks not to exceed half a year, chopsticks in boiling water 30 minutes or use disinfection cabinets for ozone disinfection, can play a better disinfection, but, "aflatoxin" heat, and can not guarantee 100% kill. For this, as long as the chopsticks in comparison with the purchase changes, especially color, need to be replaced immediately. Chopsticks should be kept as far as possible in the dry, far away from the washing table position, to avoid splashing on chopsticks. At the same time, for the majority of the public to wash chopsticks, directly placed in the chopsticks tube or cabinets inside the habit, Hua suggest that the best is to wipe the surface of chopsticks before storage.Chopsticks