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Different Styles Of Shoe Rack

      This is an adjustable high and low storage shelf, named Wanna-reach, it has a chute system, equipped with a remote control, you can move the storage racks up and down to the appropriate height to facilitate access to items, while not occupying ground space.Shoe Rack

      A variety of plate shoe rack style with the current social development and gradually into everyone's life, so that it can win many consumers love. Now people's life rhythm is speeding up, for the design and practical requirements of the plate shoe rack is increasing gradually, want to use high-quality, fashionable, chic products, to create exquisite living environment for themselves, so as to win everyone's favorite.Shoe Rack

      According to the number of shoes to choose the size of the shoe rack, the size of a variety of shoes, many friends can choose a larger shoe racks, fewer shoes friends can choose a smaller size of the shoe rack. Choose different materials according to the location of the shoe racks, because the plastic shoe racks and wooden shoes can not be placed in direct sunlight to the place, easy aging and chapped. Therefore, if the shoe rack is placed in the balcony and other outdoor areas, it is recommended to choose metal shoe racks, longer service life. If housed indoors, you can choose plastic shoe racks or wooden shoe racks.Shoe Rack

     Color consistency, the color of the shoe frame and the overall color of the home with harmony, wooden frame of the general color of the light, metal shoe frame color is deep, plastic shoe rack color has a variety of options. Whether the shoe racks have compartments, many manufacturers in order to reduce costs, in the production of shoe racks off the compartment. Shoe Rack

     The compartment of the shoe racks can prevent the soles of the soil from falling into the shoes below the uppers caused by pollution. This production looks a bit complicated, requires you to buy some material or find a home idle, binding up, make it when you need to pay attention to safety.Shoe Rack