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Design Principle Of Shoe Rack

     A lot of times, a pair of good shoes can help us go farther. Once upon a time, people always wear a pair of shoes for long. Now people are different, often have more than two pairs of shoes. In order to save space, also for the sake of beauty, many people in the home shoe racks. As we all know, any furnishings in the home will affect the whole family's fengshui and movement. And the shoes are under our feet, so the moral is not the same.Shoe Rack

     The height of the shoe cabinet should be moderate: the height of the shoe cabinet cannot be too high, so there is obstruction of the gas field fluidity, the general normal shoe cabinet height in the housing space height One-third, should not exceed the height of the child in the home. In reality, too high a shoe cabinet, the home of the children climbed to the shoe cabinet, there may be a situation of a fall injury.Shoe Rack

     Shoe cabinets to five-storey high, can represent the coexistence of the five elements. Shoe cabinet less than five layer problem is not big, more than this layer is taboo. The explanation for this is: because the shoes belong to the soil, should be "down-to-earth", put the shoes too high, it will affect the wearing of the person, walking easy to sprain, fall. Moreover, the shoes represent "foundation", the foundation is stable, can help the career development ideal. The height of the cabinet should not exceed one-third of the height of the house. Shoe Rack

    This view, Feng shui generally, the height of the house is divided into three parts, according to China's ancient three-way theory, on the day, in the person, down for the ground. The shoe cabinet is a shoe store, and a shoe that walks outside touches the ground with a lot of dirty filth. Therefore, the height of the shoe cabinet should not exceed one-third of the height of the house, so that it belongs to the third-only place, such things belong to. If the shoe cabinet is over One-third and occupies the middle, it will affect the health of the owner.Shoe Rack