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Cutting Board Choice For Wooden Cutting Boards From Bamboo Cutting Boards And Plastic Cutting Boards

1. wood cutting board

Wooden cutting board is very thick, and toughness is very strong, very suitable for meat, does not contain toxic substances formaldehyde, but the big drawback is that not easy to clean, not easy to dry, long easy in Willow wood, pine wood, Elm wood and other materials, the Willow wood is the best, use vegetable oil for 2 hours, and not prone to cracking. A half cleaned once a month.

2. bamboo cutting board

For Mosaic, and inevitably contain formaldehyde, when unable to withstand severe impact. If you buy bamboo cutting board, try to choose brands they formaldehyde adhesive used to splice may be lower. Formaldehyde into the food people eat may cause gastric mucosal erosions, ulcers, or gastric perforation.

3. plastic cutting board

Light, easy to carry, but much is made of materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, heat easy to send plastic smell, unqualified Board will include chemical precipitates, harmful to the body. Only suitable for cutting fresh vegetables and fruit.

Cutting board does not have any carcinogenic factors, main carcinogenic factor is caused by food particles of various types of bacteria, cancer-causing culprit aflatoxin! it's the level of carcinogens, if disposable 1 mg may cause cancer, 20 mg can be directly lethal!