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Culture Chopsticks

               The people who are choosing chopsticks: "Now living conditions are good, buy such chopsticks do not feel expensive." The chopsticks are so beautiful, the children like it very much. "Now the more exquisite chopsticks, and has begun to become a gift to each other people." Classical Classics series, Zodiac series, Constellation series, scenic spots, send elders, send leaders, housewarming, household series and other various kinds of chopsticks gift box, in many cities have sales. The supermarket staff introduced.Chopsticks

               Some sociological experts believe that chopsticks are no longer simple as a tool for eating, more people have focused on the culture of the chopsticks. "Collection, mutual gift of cultural chopsticks, is gradually becoming a trend, which in a sense reflects the improvement of people's quality of life." ”

               China is the birthplace of chopsticks, with a long history of eating chopsticks. Chopsticks, formerly known as "Chopsticks", is recognized as a unique tableware in the world today, Western scholars praised chopsticks is the ancient Oriental Civilization representative, is the crystallization of Chinese national intelligence and wisdom, as early as more than 3,100 years ago in China has appeared exquisite workmanship of ivory chopsticks.Chopsticks

               1. Popularity: 1.3 Billion of China's population and many overseas Chinese, from three years old children will use chopsticks, its popularity is no one living utensils can not compare. 2. Multi-directional: chopsticks have a variety of forms, bamboo, wood, animal bones (horns), ivory, the United States stone (jade, crystal, emerald, Shoushan stone, metal (gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, aluminum, lead, alloy, stainless steel, etc.), rare and precious materials (Qiu Kok, rhinoceros horn, tortoise, peacock bone) and other categories (fishbone, coral, plastic, etc.) a total of more than 200 kinds. The carving of chopsticks from the ancient carved short lines, scroll, knife poem engraved, from painting, branding to inlay, engraving, colorful multi-color. 3. Inheritance: The Chinese nation's unique culture, no matter when and where, Chinese food utensils are difficult to leave chopsticks. and also use chopsticks as etiquette, gifts, and the singing, collection of special crafts and gifts. 4. International: At present, according to statistics, at least 1.8 billion of the world's population use chopsticks. The chopsticks culture has the world significance, it has become the common cultural characteristic of "Chinese Food Culture Circle" in many Asian countries. Japan has "Chopsticks festival", France set "Golden Chopsticks Award", many people in the West popular "for your health, pick up chopsticks to" the tide.Chopsticks