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Considerations For The Use Of Tray

     Prepare a clean, sterile, undamaged ashtray into the tray. Standing on the right side of the guest to signal the guest, said: "Sorry, excuse me." "Big Crystal ashtray, directly cover the ashtray with a clean paper towel, bypassing food, into the dustbin, clean, and then bypass food back in place." While in the process of replacing the ashtray, there is a burning cigarette butt, must consult the guest's opinion, whether can be replaced (note: There is a cigar in the ashtray, must consult the guest whether need. )Tray

     Do not use your hands to pick up the falling cigarette butts, if necessary, wash your hands immediately. No more than three cigarette butts in the ashtray on the guest table. The left hand holds the pallet, the right hand takes out a clean ashtray from the pallet, covers the ashtray on the table, presses the ashtray on the top of the head, then uses the thumb and middle finger to hold the bottom of the dirty ashtray and puts it into the tray, then puts the clean ashtray on the table.Tray

    Pallet use methods and tips for the preparation of pallets: pallets must be clean without breakage, the service when the cushion has a clean folding towel, so as not to skid. The correct use of pallet tips: Left hand fingers open, palms vacated. The arm is 90 degrees curved, elbow and waist a punch distance. Raise your chest and look ahead with a smile on your face. When walking, the left hand fingers and palm root balance, the right arm natural swing. Tips for putting things: high objects on the inside, low items on the outside. Heavy items in the middle, light items on both sides.Tray

     Walking notes: When walking light and slow, right hand swing amplitude should not be too big. Not with the Guests Rob Road, and the guests meet when the side to make way; accidents, such as: Tray wine slipped, do not scream, should be calm treatment, immediately ask colleagues to watch the scene, as soon as possible cleaning health. The right hand is used to assist in opening or serving guests. When using pallets to send items to the room, pallets can not be flat with the desktop, should keep the desktop 30 centimeters away. When the empty tray to take back, with the right hand or left hand hold the tray side to erect way near the trousers walk (the bottom of the tray) should not take empty tray play.Tray

     Clean Glass Preparation work: Prepare an ice bucket of boiling water, prepare a clean cup cloth, prepare a clean round tray, remove the washed cups from the washing bowl. Wipe: With the left hand hold a cup of cloth corner, the cup corner is wrapped, put in the boiling water to fumigation, so that the cup wall moisture generated. Use the right hand to hold the cup towel, plug in the cup, hands to help the cup to rotate, wipe Cup corner, cup arm and cup mouth. C) should not be too large when wiping, in case to break the glass. D) After the wipe is finished, the cup to the light inspection to ensure no breakage, no stain, no water traces. Storage: Still hold the cup horn with your hand. The cup mouth upward, put on the tray again, if not, need to be the cup mouth to devolve good.Tray