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Classification Of Chopsticks

               Chinese, Korean, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Singaporean and Malaysian are the Chinese in the world with chopsticks as their daily dietary tools. Other national dietary tools are broadly divided into two types, the Western-American and Latin American countries using knife and fork spoons, the pilaf countries, including Africa, Western Asia, India, Southeast Asia, except Vietnam, Singapore and the Malaysian Chinese.Chopsticks

               Traditional wood chopsticks: first of all, paint the color of the chopsticks do not use, because the paint in the heavy metal lead and organic solvents benzene and other substances have carcinogenic, and, with the use of wear, chopsticks on the coating once off, with food into the human body, will seriously endanger human health. In particular, some families like to give their children bright color paint chopsticks, children to lead, benzene and other tolerance is very low, be sure to avoid use; Secondly, the ordinary plastic chopsticks texture is crisp, easily deformed after heating, melting, resulting in harmful substances to the human body; Bone chopsticks are good in texture but easy to change color, and the price is more expensive;

              Metal material: silver, stainless steel and other metal chopsticks too heavy, feel bad, and heat conductivity strong, eat overheated food, easy to scald mouth. Also to see whether food-grade stainless steel, if the use of low-quality stainless steel tableware or in an improper way to use stainless steel tableware, it is possible to cause heavy metals on human health hazards. Use titanium chopsticks You do not have to worry about the human body harmful heavy metals, titanium chopsticks non-toxic harmless easy to clean, and relative to stainless steel silver chopsticks lighter.Chopsticks

             Bamboo Material: Chopsticks is the first choice, it is non-toxic harmless, and very environmentally friendly, but also can choose the natural wood chopsticks. However, due to material reasons, chopsticks, wood chopsticks are not easy to clean, and absorbent, absorbent is very strong, often have the residue of net lotion, very easy to be pathogenic microorganism pollution, so should pay attention to regular disinfection, keep clean, to avoid bamboo chopsticks moldy, long hair phenomenon, also need to be replaced regularly.

             Ceramic chopsticks: I believe we all know chopsticks, because we use it every day. We are most familiar with the number of bamboo chopsticks and wood chopsticks. Can say chopsticks is our life very close friends, also because of this, people's demand for chopsticks is more and more stringent, not only to use, practical, but also health and environmental protection. So we invented the ceramic chopsticks. Ceramic chopsticks are safer, healthier, and very durable.Chopsticks