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Chopsticks On The Table Etiquette

     When eating, children are often told not to use chopsticks to beat bowls. Especially when the family dinner, more can not use chopsticks randomly beat bowl. Why is that? It is often said that such rules are related to the taboo of begging. Because only beggars beg for food, they will beat the bowl with chopsticks. One said the ancient "poison" legend. Legend is a kind of artificial cultivation of poisonous insects, people will be put into the altar, after many years after the open look, there must be a bug to eat the other worms, the winner is called "Tricky."Chopsticks

     Use a tricky powder in the food to poison others, you should be poisoned when the curse of the side of the bowl, so as to make magic work. Therefore, the use of chopsticks to beat the bowl is taboo. Chopsticks are the most important dining utensils in Chinese food. The chopsticks posture should be standardized, when the meal needs to use other tableware, should first put down.Chopsticks

     Chopsticks must be placed on the chopsticks shelf, can not be placed on the cup or plate, but also easy to touch off. If you accidentally touch the chopsticks on the ground, you can ask the waiter for another pair. In the course of the meal, has raised chopsticks, but do not know which dish to eat, when the chopsticks can not be moved back and forth in the dishes or in the air cruising.Chopsticks

     Do not use chopsticks fork food into your mouth, or use your tongue to lick the attachment on the chopsticks, not to use chopsticks to promote the bowl, plate and cup. A temporary leave, can not put chopsticks in the bowl, should put it on the chopsticks rack. When talking in the dinner, do not put chopsticks as props, random dance, or use chopsticks to beat the dishes on the table, with chopsticks pointing others. Each time you use chopsticks to gently put down, try not to make a noise.Chopsticks