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Chinese People Use Chopsticks To Note

Chinese people use chopsticks to eat down from ancient times, and in ancient times called "chopsticks", the daily life of the use of chopsticks is very particular about. In general, when we use chopsticks, the correct use of the method is to use the right hand chopsticks, thumbs and forefinger pinch chopsticks on the top, the other three fingers naturally bent to hold chopsticks, and chopsticks must be aligned at both ends. In the course of the use of pre-chopsticks must be neatly placed on the right side of the rice bowl, after meals must be neat vertical code on the middle of the rice bowl. But this should be absolutely taboo the following twelve kinds of chopsticks use. In the case of Chopsticks

Three long and two short: This means that before or during the meal process, the chopsticks will be placed on the table. Chopsticks straight and long, two for a pair. Chopsticks with chopsticks is not two at the same time moving, but a initiative, a slave; one on the one, one in the next.Chopsticks 

Two combinations of chopsticks become a tai chi, active one for the sun, driven by the root for the yin; on the Flanagan on the sun, in the next of the root is yin, this is the two instrument of the elephant. Yin and yang interaction, available to carry on; yin and yang separation, this tai chi does not exist This is the unity of opposites, yin and yang each other. Two chopsticks can be interchangeable, the initiative is not always active, not under the next forever, this is variable yin and yang. Look chopsticks, a round head The symbol of the earth, the symbol of the circle.Chopsticks

Five fingers in the index finger for the song to stretch it is the most clever, grasp the direction of its most wonderful Its symbol of the official, long, dictation, for Wei Fufu, then wantonly, eventually strokes of disaster, to be the side of the thumb tube can be done. What does the thumb symbolize? A symbol of regulation, a symbol of the law, a symbol of the people, a symbol of the law of nature ... ... This is from different levels of speaking, not a matter of reason.Chopsticks