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A Wide Variety Of Tray

According to the Tray material, use, Mesa, forklift fork into the way and structure distinction, Tray there is a kind of type. Especially in some cases requiring fast operation, because of the high efficiency of Tray operation and safety and stability, many countries have developed a variety of special Trays. For example, flat glass tray, tire special Tray, long size Trays and special Trays, such as oil drums.

It is because of a wide range of Trays, with a broad range of application and pivotal, in the handling of loading and unloading, storage, transportation and packaging, and other logistics links in the efficiency of the central position, has a very important interface function, so, although the Tray is only a small instrument, but its size, is the size of the package, compartment size, the core of the size of the assembly unit. Only the Tray size as the standard, the decision packaging, truck compartments, train compartments, container boxes and other matching specifications and serialization specifications, the most can reflect the handling, handling, transportation and packaging operations of rationality and efficiency. In addition, the size of the Tray is related to the size of the assembly unit. The cargo size of the set unit also relates to the packing unit size, the truck compartment, the railroad wagon compartment, the warehouse passageway and the shelf size, even related to the logistics infrastructure, such as railway station, Port, wharf and other cargo handling place construction structure, loading and unloading equipment standard size. Therefore, in a sense, Tray standardization, not only Tray leasing, Tray circulation and the premise of recycling, but also to achieve loading and unloading, packaging, transportation and storage operations mechanization, automation decision factors. No Tray size uniformity, no Tray-related facilities, equipment, devices, tools, such as serialization standards, can only do the rationalization of local logistics, it is difficult to achieve the overall rationalization of logistics. Because of this, unified Tray specifications to maximize the cost of logistics, it is natural to become the common aspiration of the logistics industry.

Nevertheless, since the standard of Tray size affects the economic interests of different regions and groups of countries, the balance of interests in Tray issues is almost impossible to achieve in a short period of time, and some of the Tray specifications already implemented in some regions and countries cannot compromise with each other. In this way, the ISO unified global Transport Tray specifications There are great difficulties, in the end can only be implemented in the relevant regions and countries 1 MMXL 000mm, 1 200m X 800mm, L 219MMXL 016mm (that is, 48 inches x40 inches), l $number Mmxl $number mm, l $number Mmxl $number mm and $number Mmxl067mm 6 kinds of Tray specifications in the ISO 6780 " The main dimensions and tolerances of general-purpose flat Trays are adopted in an inclusive manner, and the specifications of the 6 Trays are juxtaposed into universal international standards.