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A Detailed Introduction To Disposable Chopsticks

     Disposable chopsticks is a modern catering industry everywhere in the tableware products, with a variety of news on the disposable chopsticks health exposure, people to disposable chopsticks can be said to be afraid, but you know how the disposable chopsticks are produced?Chopsticks

     Disposable chopsticks processing technology and methods: solid-state production is through the fumigation of sulfur bleaching. After the bleaching of sulfur gas chopsticks, its sulphur dioxide will be seriously exceeded. Therefore, when people use this chopsticks to eat, sulfur dioxide as the air flow very easily solidified into the respiratory tract, cough.Chopsticks

      Asthma and other respiratory diseases will follow. In addition, sulfur contains heavy metals, such as mercury/lead metal in the human body can be stacked, a long time accumulation will cause mercury poisoning.Chopsticks

     The liquid-processed chopsticks are bleached by chlorine or double oxygen water, especially chlorine, and may contain two of bad English that have once been talked about. As for bamboo chopsticks, in order to remove the burr of chopsticks, so that it looks smooth white, the producers will put it into talcum powder, through the friction of the chopsticks processing. Although the irregular production of disposable chopsticks is very harmful, but so far, China's disposable chopsticks have not issued a specific health test standards.Chopsticks

     In view of such as the production of disposable chopsticks, it is recommended that people in daily life is best not to use disposable chopsticks, the use of disposable chopsticks not only energy saving, resulting in a large number of timber is felled, the most important is its production process of environmental performance will give people's physical and mental health, for the sake It is best not to use disposable chopsticks.Chopsticks