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A Detailed Description Of The Tray

     Pallet as the logistics operation process of important handling, storage and transportation equipment, and forklift supporting the use of modern logistics play a huge role. Pallet to modern logistics industry brings benefits mainly reflected in: can achieve the packaging of goods, standardization and standardization, Protection of goods, convenient logistics and business flow, pallet and name pallets, plywood. Tray by function, at least two kinds, a kind of daily spoken in the tray, the end of the meal when the dishes placed on the plate. The other is the pallet for logistics. As a daily tray, put some dishes and so on.Tray

     Logistics tray, according to the material, use, Mesa, forklift fork into the way and structure, there are many types of pallets. Especially in some cases where fast operation is required, because of the high efficiency and safety and stability of pallet operation, the usage rate is more and more large. There are various types of pallets in the market, there are wooden pallets, plywood fumigation-free trays, four-direction pallet. Double sided pallet. European Standard Pallet. European standard CP3-square pier pallets-single-sided plywood pallets-double sided plywood trays-double sided free fumigation pallets-numbering-thickening plywood-double sided field word plastic pallets-blue plastic pallets-European standard CP3. Black plastic pallet. 12KGS Black field character. In addition there are a variety of special pallets, flat-panel glass pallets, tire-specific pallets, long-size pallets and oil drums special pallets and so on.Tray

     A pallet is a medium that transforms static goods into dynamic goods, a cargo platform, an active platform, or a movable ground. Even if the loss of flexibility on the ground of the goods, once loaded with pallets will be immediately active, become flexible mobile goods, because the cargo on pallets, at all times in the ready to move into the movement of the state. The dynamic loading and unloading method, which is made up of pallets as basic tools, is called pallet operation.Tray

    Pallet operation can not only significantly improve the loading and unloading effect, its implementation, so that the form of warehouse buildings, the structure of ships, railways and other modes of transport and handling facilities and management organizations have changed. In the packaging of goods, the Promotion of packaging standardization and modularity, and even to the loading and unloading of the general mode of production activities will have a significant impact.Tray