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Cancer experts network chopsticks over 6 months: too alarmist

Expert view

According to the Twitter and chopsticks too long can cause cancer, is because the chopsticks can breed mildew "aflatoxin." In this regard, the Bethune international peace hospital oncologist of PLA Chen Liangang told reporters that aflatoxin is a kind of carcinogen, can damage the liver of any animal, and is closely related to liver cancer, but chopsticks carcinogenic too sensational. Because it is only similar to corn, peanuts and other specific foods and moldy will produce aflatoxins. Chopsticks mildew most likely have some bacteria such as Escherichia coli induced gastrointestinal reaction caused. Even if the chopstick had aflatoxin content is also a trace of, be excluded by using the metabolic functions of the body itself, do not need to worry too much about this.

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